Google Technology User Group – 2010

Hi Viewer,

Chennai`s hottest event is Google technology user group which is happening @ Thoughtworks, Chennai. This event for the people who are really interested in Google’s developer technology; everything from the chrome, Android and App Engine platforms, to product APIs like the YouTube API and the Google Calendar API, to initiatives like OpenSocial.

“Chennai People should add values to Tamil Softwares and also step forward to create tamil font” says Mr. Nagaraja Director, Amachu Infrasoft services ( Co-ordinator of Ubuntu Tamil Team (http://ubuntu-tam.org Project Associate, CaucusLLC , USA, Co-founder of Free software Academy( and Free software Media (

It browsers 2-3 times faster then other it has flash 10.1 it has cool features like automatic updates and update all, you can download motodev studio and start developing android application.

Teaches how android build and how to create android applications and services “We don`t need any cloud based storage area to backup we can easily backup everything in SD Memory Card Just copy of it also adds portable hotspot for your computer, it works with Mac” Mr. Werner Keil, Emergn, Aglie Coach, Principal Consultant.

He also adds “There will huge competition between motodev market, google android market, amazon market also supports that motodev is coolest of all.  Hotspot doesn`t share documents with all because computer takes full control of that particular device. Android development as poor bluetooth support very little amount we can share it but using cloud we can share. Why Android Phone battery is pretty bad can it be fix. he says yes peoples are working on it when we compare it older android phone its improved. use ur android phone

Sathish adds “Killing application which runs at background can improve the battery life (we can`t fully optimize the battery consumption)”

Mr.Jeyanthan who work for CollabNet says “How chromium works” for building extension for chromium is pretty easy one

create a folder and name it has first application and goto and follow the getstarted instruction which simple to build chrome  extension. Also share something about app invent pretty good technology which can be used to build android application. Jeyanthan adds that chrome fully featured.


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